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Qinhuangdao Sports Bureau

 "trampoline", "Z-type jump", and a series of professional action, so that we understand seemingly complex      nike air max classic bw uk  and dangerous stunt dunk really did not imagine the difficulties, just as long as a professionally trained very easy to master skills. This event activities supported by the National Sports Administrative Guidance Center, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao Sports Bureau support. and this event as a window in Qinhuangdao stunt dunk cultural communication. This window not only to   mens nike air max thea      the public popularity stunt dunk Qinhuangdao sport


but also hopes to have the strength of a joint enterprise with the Qinhuangdao build a local club, participate in the 2015 National League stunt dunk. So, this event activity also shoulder dunk stunt work Qinhuangdao reserve  nike air max 180 uk  players, but also to lay the Qinhuangdao Division League club organization, management and operation mechanism for future participation in the national stunt irrigation NTBL Basket League to prepare. Following Qinhuangdao station, NTBL universal Jam will continue to be held in major cities across the country.