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you really like Yao Ming being

Liu Wei is also looking forward to this time of the Sports Council for themselves leaving a force. However, to his disappointment, the Sports Council at this time does not stand on their side. The   saucony jazz original uk   position is to rely on young players to grab their own, rather than let the old players. Du Feng retired prematurely let the Guangdong team has become a negative example, while there have been eight years in the NBA, Yao Ming professional experience should understand this truth. But he and the team still did not leave Liu Wei. If not, the two sides failed to agree on the conditions for renewal, then certainly there are other reasons.

Liu Wei, the Shanghai team in position so that he is no longer just a player, his attitude can affect the team, there are many, and as long as he was in the team, will always exist, whether he is now or later when   saucony shadow original uk   players retired coach. If you really like Yao Ming being considered, the team needs to be rebuilt, then they need not just the location, but also need to pay for the space, but also needed is a new team atmosphere. Even taking into account the missing person will be the team banner pain